Wood Enclosures

wooden dumpster enclosure

Wood Panel Dumpster Enclosure Kits

To create a beautiful wood dumpster enclosure design, we use our Urestone Wood Panels. These panels are available in several patterns and realistic color finishes. These beautiful, extremely durable panels create a simple rustic look for your dumpster enclosures. Pair them with stone or brick accent pieces for a truly unique finish!

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Wood Dumpster Enclosure Patterns and Colors

 Our Faux Wood Series is molded from real wood. Wood panels are lightweight and easy to install just like our other designer panels. The best part is because they are not real wood they can withstand the elements and avoid pest issues much better than natural wood. This means no rotting, warping or hassles!

Reclaimed Wood Pattern
Reclaimed Wood Colors

reclaimed wood pattern

Tongue & Groove Wood Pattern
Tongue & Groove Wood Colors

tongue and groove wood pattern

Siding Combination Design

The combination of our metal frames, wood panels, and durable, realistic stone and brick patterns make it easy to customize your enclosure kit in a variety of ways.

We offer several options including URESTONE Faux Stone Columns or Wainscot Panels which can be added to the enclosure to balance appearance and affordability.


corner stone columns


brick pilasters

Wood & Brick/Stone Combinations

wooden dumpster enclosure with brick columns

wooden dumpster enclosure with stone columns

wooden enclosure with stone columns

wooden enclosure with stone columns

wood dumpster enclosure with brick columns

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