stucco and stone dumpster enclosure

Stucco Clad Dumpster Enclosure Kits

Our Stucco Clad Panels are a great way to add durability and a clean, textured finish to any product. They look great paired with our wide array of composite stone brick and wood panels are customizable to match your existing architectural elements and building colors.

Pattern and Colors

Stucco Clad Panels are durable PVC panels that are designed to last and look great. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns and arrive on site painted, textured and ready to install.

Standard Stucco Patterns
Standard Stucco Colors
stucco pattern 1
stucco pattern 3
stucco pattern 2
stucco pattern 4
stucco colors
stucco colors
Urestone Wainscot Panels
urestone wainscot panel

Siding Combination Design

The combination of our metal frames, Stucco Clad panels and durable, realistic stone patterns make it easy to customize your enclosure kit in a variety of ways.

We do offer several options such as faux stone columns or Wainscot Panels that be added to balance appearance and affordability.

corner stone columns
brick pilasters

Stucco & Wainscot Combinations