Multiple Design Options Available

See our dumpster enclosure products with various variations so you can choose the best enclosure for your project!

metal enclosures

Standard Metal Kits

Metal siding enclosures provide a clean and simple appearance and are the most economical version of our enclosure kit options.

Stone Enclosure Kits

Our parent company produces the largest and most durable faux stone panels on the market. These panels allow for the authentic look of stone at a fraction of the time and cost of installation.

stone dumpster enclosure with wooden gates
brick dumpster enclosure

Brick Enclosure Kits

Beautiful, realistic brick panels are available for your dumpster enclosure exterior. Fabricated using the same process as our stone options, these durable panels are available in a wide array of realistic finishes.

Wood Enclosure Kits

Composite wood panels create a beautiful, rustic look for your dumpster enclosure. 

Our wood panels are highly durable and incredibly realistic. They are available in two patterns and a wide variety of colors.

wooden dumpster enclosure
stucco and stone wainscot dumpster enclosure

Stucco Clad Enclosure Kits

Stucco Clad Panels are a great way to provide a clean, textured look for your enclosure. 

Check out how they match up with our Wainscot Panels and column elements to create an array of styles.

Gate & Post Options

We offer several configurations and finishes for gates and posts to put the finishing touches on your Choice Enclosure dumpster kit.

Don’t see a particular style or have any specific questions about our Choice Enclosure Dumpster Enclosures? 

Please give us a call at 314-524-2040 or contact us via our website!