metal enclosures

Metal Dumpster Enclosure Kits

We use a reversed Ag Panel for our metal dumpster enclosure and gates. This is the same long-term performance type of panel made for metal buildings. We have it made reversed for our purposes as this provides a flat-surface appearance.

metal siding

Color Options

Our standard colors for gates and metal enclosures include tan, light stone, white, and charcoal. A wide variety of special order colors are also available

Standard Colors
metal siding colors
Custom Order Colors
metal siding custom colors
URESTONE Wainscot Panels
urestone wainscot panel

Siding Combination Design

Metal siding enclosures provide a clean and simple appearance and are the most economical version of our enclosure kits.

We offer several options such as faux stone, brick columns, or Wainscot Panels that can be added to balance appearance and affordability.

corner stone columns
brick pilasters

Corners & Wainscot Accents in Ledgestone and Brick