Key Features

Key Features

Fast Installation

dumpster enclosure components

Our Enclosure Kits feature an easy-to-install framing system that is self-supporting. Most installations can be completed in a day.

Clean Interior Appearance

clean metal interior in dumpster enclosure

The coated, high-end AG Panels that are used as the basic siding for all of our kits are easy to clean.

Corner Posts Not Required

frame bolts directly on to concrete

Our system can be bolted directly onto concrete. This eliminates the need for additional support posts in most cases and saves you money.

Standard or Heavy Duty Gate Post Systems

gates with standard posts and heavy duty posts

Our gates come with two styles of posts. Our standard 4″ posts are lightweight, easy to install, and have fixed hinges. We also offer a heavy-duty 6″ post with adjustable hinges.

Nearly 50% Less Cost Than Masonry

brick dumpster enclosure with wooden gate

Our stone, wood, and brick panels don’t require masonry skills. They go up quickly and can be modified with basic carpentry tools.

Front Facing Gate Hides Gaps & Posts

inline post configuration drawings

Multiple gate configurations allow for a clean look regardless of available spacing for posts.

Customizable to Match Your Building

brick dumpster enclosure with wooden gates

Our parent company makes the industry’s most durable, realistic faux stone, brick, and wood panels in a variety of patterns and textures to meet the look of nearly any building.

Configurable to Several Sizes

Kits are available in heights of 6′ or 8′, and range from 10’x10′ to 12’x24′. Custom sizes and configurations are also available. Call a representative today for information.

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