Gate & Post Options

Gate & Post Options

Gate panels are Kynar Painted Metal available in 8 key colors. This provides a 20-year performance regarding rust, color, and non-peeling properties. We also offer a slanted wood exterior for a stylish rustic appearance.

Custom stone, brick, and wood textures are also available to match or complete your existing design.

Standard Metal Gate

metal gates

Slanted Wood Gate

wooden gates

Metal Gate Colors

metal siding colors

Custom Order Colors

metal siding custom colors

Custom Gates Options

wooden gates
Weathered Wood
wooden gates
Reclaimed Wood
stone gates
VA Stacked Stome
stone gates
brick gates
metal gates
Colored Metal


Post Options

The final choice in the process. All Choice Enclosure gates can be mounted to two styles of posts.

• 4″ Posts are the more economical option. They are light weight, easy to install and include fixed hinges.

• 6″ posts are more heavy duty and are the better option for longevity. They include adjustable hinges.

4″ Standard Post

gate with standard post

6″ Heavy Posts

gate with heavy duty post

Please note, while enclosures and gates can typically be shipped fairly economically, posts typically incur an additional cost.

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Post Configurations

Two gate, two post solutions are available for all of our Choice Enclosure Kits. For larger kits, with widths of 20′ or more, we recommend multiple-gate solutions based if the budget allows. These 4-gate options are available with a shared middle post or a four-post solution. The 4-post system with our heavy duty posts and adjustable hinges offers the most flexible option

2 Gate, 2 Post System
Available for all enclosures, recommended for smaller kits

two gate two post configuration

4 Gate, 3 Post System
Available for large sizes,
Recommended for kits 20ft wide or more

four gate three post configuration

4 Gate, 4 Post System
Available for large sizes,
Recommended for kits 20ft wide or more

four gate four post configuration

Post Positions

Depending on your project, we may be able to design so your gates run in front of the posts, as opposed to inline. This creates a seamless appearance with no gaps or exposed posts. In the event this is not possible, both our standard and heavy duty posts are minimalist and colored to match the rest of your Enclosure Kit.

inline configuration verses gates in front of posts

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